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  Joe and Tony, Throughout all the years we have been working together, you guys have become more than my marketing firm. I can say with utmost sincerity that you both have became my friends and trusted partners when it comes to promotion of my web efforts. When we started working together 10+ years ago, I did not know very much about websites or Google. I knew very well how to service customers for my private security firm, but did not know where to begin for finding those customers. When I started our first website, I remember watching where we ranked in search and counted all of the websites ahead of me. We were buried somewhere 50+ pages down in Google for the keywords I wanted visibility for, and nobody ever found our website. One night I was out with a colleague and he recommended using a Search Engine Optimization firm, and your company came highly recommended. From the very beginning you both showed me where to best focus my search efforts, best SEO practices, and how to incorporate changes into my website which would help give me the desired results which was always more targeted traffic and ultimately — more customers. For the last 9+ years, my website has been at the top of Google as well as other search engines for virtually every keyword I wanted and even ones I didn’t yet are still very effective. More than 75% of my clients have came directly from web searches over the years, and many of those clients ended up in new clients through word of mouth. Watching this snowball effect in my business has been nothing short of amazing. Recently, I’ve decided to sell my private security firm and no longer need web promotion done. Please discontinue services as of November 30th, 2019. Once again, I’m very appreciative and words cannot express the gratitude I have for all thats been done by your firm for making my company known on the world wide web.
Cal Horton
Cal Horton, CPP
First Alarm Security & Patrol, Inc.
First Security Services
1731 Technology Drive, Suite 800
San Jose  CA  95110
The leads are very good. I'm kicking myself for not working with you sooner.
Anthony Sciola
We’ve been buying auto transport leads for our brokerage from Joe and Tony for the last few months. So far things are going really well and I am happy to have found these guys. I use multiple lead providers who charge more per lead and I have equal or better conversion rates with TOLM’s leads.
Michael Lorenz
I’ve been using TOLM auto transport leads for the last 3 years, I have tested and compared their leads to several other top lead providers. No lead source is perfect, but as a whole their leads are great quality and out performed the others over time. I’d recommend them to any auto transport brokerage looking to purchase leads.
Jon Sutton
I have been buying auto transport leads from TOLM for several years and with very few exceptions they are ALWAYS the highest converting leads that I purchase.  We can find very few examples where the leads we purchased we not profitable.  I would recommend them for auto transport leads.
Terry L.Williams
President & CEO
Currently I only use A1/ for my auto transport leads because I've had years to filter and experiment with all lead providers and someway somehow many of the customers you pull are a better caliber than other providers.
Ronald Stewart
Tony, I just wanted to reach out to you and give you a heartfelt thank you. There are lots of folks out there that rather hoard their lifetime of knowledge than share it. Thank you for taking your time to help a little start up company like ours succeed in this business. The Dalai Lama has said, "Share Your Knowledge. It's A Way To Achieve Immortality".
Thank you again,
Rabbit Chan-A-Sue
Jack Rabbit Transportation
Although I've only been working with Tony and Joe for the past year or so I've been a fan of theirs for years. They are not only amazing guys who believe in great customer service, but they truly offer high quality auto transport leads which in today's time is hard to find. From my experience, their auto transport leads are hands down the best in the business. In fact they are so good that I continue to recommend my brokering students to them. If every business in the world shared the same core values, attention to customer service and a high level of expertise in marketing and lead generation as these guys... Who knows what kind of world we'd live in. I highly recommend them to anyone who demands authentic auto transport leads and superior service.
Ashley | CEO & Founder
ReloGeek, LLC & ReloAcademy
We have been using TOLM, Inc. auto transport leads for the past 18 months or so and it’s been a good experience. Joe and Tony are normally very easy to get ahold of and communicate with, and are reasonable guys that will work with you.
Dwight Harrill
To whom it may concern, TOLM, Inc. has provided First Security Services basically every internet marketing service there is for the last couple years: SEO, PPC, web design, programming and online reputation management. Our online presence has grown tremendously since starting work with them. Our PPC campaigns are more profitable, our organic rankings continue to overall increase, and we’ve found major help getting a steady stream of online based leads keeping our phones ringing with the help of Taylor Online Marketing.
Cal Horton
Cal Horton, CPP
First Alarm Security & Patrol, Inc.
1731 Technology Drive, Suite 800
San Jose  CA  95110
chorton AT
As an affiliate of TOLM, Inc., they’ve always been good to me and paid their bills on time which is hard to find in the auto transport industry. Tony has been nothing but a fair business man throughout our relationship working together.
David P.
Thank you for designing and launching our fantastic office website! Since its inception, our online traffic has increased significantly. And, thanks for making the process so effortless and smooth.
Cari Moore, O.D.
TOLM, Inc. has provided my company with a great website and flawless service throughout the website building process. Their professional team was a pleasure to work with and customer service is second to none. I continue to use their services and would highly recommend them to anyone out there.
Daniel Boucher
Taylor Online Marketing redesigned our website and really helped expand upon our online visibility. Every month that we have been onboard with them, we have built more traffic to our website mostly through organic search and a little PPC. We're excited to see more of this steady expansion in the future!
Todd Taylor
We have been purchasing auto transport leads from, Inc for over 8 years. We've tried every lead provider out there and has always sold us the leads that yielded the highest ROI. Their customer service is outstanding, and they are very easy to work with.  In a niche that's plagued by unscrupulous lead providers, these guys are hands down the best in the business. I'd highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for auto transport leads or online marketing services.
Mike Groskopf
We’ve been using TOLM, Inc. as a lead source for the last couple years. During the course of the campaign, we have seen great results, and plan to keep our partnership going. Thanks for the great service and top notch communication Taylor Online Marketing!
Freedom Auto Transport
It's almost been two years that we've been purchasing leads from TOLM and have experienced great results in that time. We appreciate the good customer service and how easy it is to work with them. Thanks guys!
Ship Cobalt
Tony made me a great website that's acted as a great way for potential customers to check out my daycare center, plus brought my business a bunch of visibility in search engines. Highly recommended.
Amy Rubio
I can't believe how much more business I got from the website and SEO services I received from TOLM. In today's world of business, this is a MUST have. I would, and have already recommended the services of TOLM to my friends.
James Mechem
5 out of 5 stars absolutely. We had to have a website rebuilt on short notice.  The TOLM team stayed in contact with us, ran ideas by us, and explained things in a way we could understand them.  They even contacted Google to assist with an issue we were having.  We will absolutely use TOLM again if we need a website modified or built.
Terry Madsen
ClearSource Financial Consulting
Tolm is the best marketing company that my company partners with. They set the standard for excellent customer service.
Robert A. Benson
CEO, Rabenson Group LLC

About Negative Reviews Of Our Auto Transport Leads

Yes, we do have a couple negative reviews online. These are very minimal (there’s only a couple) considering we’ve done business and sold leads to hundreds of customers and have been in business for over 10 years. ANY service or product is going to have negative online reviews about them, that’s just the nature of doing business at this day in age. If you’ve been in business for a significant amount of time my guess is that your company also has some negative reviews about it as well, some of which might be legitimate and others which were either attacks from competitors or somebody in the wrong.

I’d also like to bring up that many of these reviews on us are not legitimate whatsoever, they are just attempts from our competitors to steal our business. All of the reviews we have posted on our site here are real and I’m more than happy to provide contact information from anybody on this page so you can do your due diligence and verify.

Really I’m not sure why any of our (REAL) past customers would leave a negative review because at the end of the day, we’re the only lead provider that will refund your money if you aren’t happy. And we have done this in the past plenty as our leads won’t work for every business.

So I urge you to look past a couple blemishes on what is actually a GREAT reputation that our company holds (and actually better than all the other lead providers in the industry). And you have nothing to lose considering that if you aren’t happy within one week of receiving our leads we’ll send you back every penny you spent with us!