Moving Leads

TOLM, Inc. creates and generates moving company leads through our network of websites. Call us today if you’d like to discuss what we have in stock!

Jumpstart Your Business With Qualified Moving Leads

Looking for a way to increase sales and boost profits for your moving business? We offer a turnkey solution for movers that sends qualified moving leads directly to you in real time, based on the parameters you’ve specified. All leads are verified to maximize the value you receive from our program, which allows your business to focus resources on the services you provide. Here are some of the reasons our lead generation packages are so appealing:

Industry expertise - With more than 20 years of industry experience that includes every type of moving service, there are few companies that can match our experience. We generate moving leads for locations across the United States, as well as internationally, and can supply leads for any type of move in any part of the world.

Advanced SEO strategy - We use a variety of advanced SEO strategies and tactics to generate targeted traffic that has expressed interest in the services offered by moving companies. We focus on organic search traffic because of the higher conversion rate, but we also use paid campaigns when it makes sense for a particular service or service area.

Want to learn more about improving your inbound lead generation? This guide from Kissmetrics explains how it works and offers suggestions for a more effective campaign.

Verified moving leads - Targeting the right kind of web traffic is great, but it doesn’t mean much if that traffic doesn’t convert into a verified lead that is usable. We have an advanced algorithm that verifies all leads generated through our network to ensure there are no duplicates, missing information, or false prospects.

Call us today at the number at the top of this page to learn more about our excellent moving lead packages! We offer affordable pricing and deliver qualified leads directly to your business in real time!

Have Moving Leads For Sale? Give Us A Call!

If you have a company or website that generates moving leads, we also buy them! We focus solely on lead generation and actively seek out affordable moving lead packages for redistribution. If you have a website or company that generates moving leads, we’d love to talk with you about a possible business partnership. We purchase leads across several different types of moving services, including the following:

  • Local moves
  • Long distance & cross country moving
  • International relocation
  • Commercial moving
  • Residential moving leads
  • Corporate relocation
  • Instate and regional moving

Contact us today if your company sells moving leads or you are interested in partnering with us! We offer competitive pricing and purchase leads across several different segments of the moving industry! Call us at the number at the top of the page to learn more or visit!